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This is a shop.  And sometimes a game. Game items are marked THREADCRUMBS GAME.

About the game:


Bowl of what ifs
Just an idea to SPREAD the LOVE


Why? I am financing a move and making space for a change in direction. And raising money to support Feel Free. What if I make it a game? I thought this might be more fun and fair, to reach more folks and keep it light.

Threadcrumbs is the  place little bits and supplies. I've converted my regular Spirit Cloth Shop here to host what I call the Threadacrumbs Game. Small ongoing what-iffings (teaching cloths) and old stitched small works and fragments will now be part of a game of chance going forward. These items will be marked THREADCRUMBS GAME in the shop. ( to be clear, some items, not marked in this way, may just be available for sale)

The Game (I did a test run and changed my mind a bit about how it might work.)is now an open permanent lottery.  Anything marked PLAY THE THREADCUMBS GAME is a game of chance. To play this game is simple. Enter once and your name is always in the basket. You need not do anything else. Except browse the shop once in a while if you like. Or not.

How to enter the Threadcrumbs Game:

Email me ( spiritcloth@gmail.com) and request your name be put in the hat. Basket really. That's it. Kind of like making a wish, you never know...

How it works:I will draw a name from The Basket against each  Game listed in the shop. If your name is in that basket, there is a chance it will be you. There is no obligation to buy. If your name is drawn, I will contact you with  all the details including a link to the product and it's details. You say yes or no. If no, I'll pick another name. This will go on until OOPS! SOLD OUT. Game over.

If you do not hear from me it didn't happen. In other words, I will not contact you if your name remained in the hat (basket really...)


For USA I prefer personal checks  to avoid paypal fees... but we can chat

For international I will accept paypal but we can chat about that too.

Thank you in advance for playing with me.

This shop is scheduled to be updated with the NEW and FULL Moon.  And occasionally in between.

Currently I am only shipping within the USA.  Although we might talk about that. Packages are posted once a week, usually on Wednesdays. I appreciate your patience, but if you are in a hurry let me know.

Feel Free to get in touch using the contact form. 

Please Note:

Included in the updates here might be small, medium or large stitched works,  and supplies,  although most supplies and stitched components that might be used in your own work will be available through the Threadcrumbs Shop and will ship through EXOT.

My selling situation changes often. Sometimes with the wind.  Please visit this page to check on my current policies.

Thank you so much for visiting.