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 I accept PayPal and personal checks.  My pricing may seem inconsistent from time to time because I find myself constantly balancing need with sharing. 

If you have already donated to support Feel Free, you can use that as a credit against the purchase of Free Enough Online Instruction.

If you find yourself drawn to anything here and also find yourself unable to meet the fee, get in touch, we can work something out. 

Offerings marked Game Piece are a "names in a basket"  type thing with the option to buy. Read more about the game by clicking Game of Chance in the sidebar.

Thanks for your ongoing support.


Currently shipping in the USA Only, for now.

Some shipping delays expected due to Covid effect on postal system.

The shop will be updated now and then.  I usually announce BIG updates  on my blog , on Facebook, or on Instagram.



Supplies and small stuff sold HERE.