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The Game of Chance

Game Pieces.  

In order to spread the love and celebrate chance, some things in the shop are part of a Game of Chance.  These items are marked Game Pieces.

To Play:

You must live in the USA. At least for now, international shipping has been a nightmare.

Get in Touch using the contact form in the sidebar (Please use an ACTIVE email address, it's awful not to be able to find you and give you good news)

Wait. After contact, I will put your name in a basket, with the option to buy. 

I will pick a name, usually within 24 hours and mark the piece GAME OVER. No new Names will be put in the basket.

Check your email (and your spam folder, it happens)I will contact you  ONLY  if you win.  I will wait 24 hours to hear back from you. If I cannot contact you I will pick a new name and continue thusly, until the item is marked SOLD OUT.

Confirm your interest, There is no obligation, if you change your mind that's ok, I will just start over.  

So this game is free from stress: 

No obligation to buy

Pay what you can against the suggested price, No rush.

PayPal or check accepted.  I will send an address if you choose check.


PS: Since there is no obligation, if you would like your name to remain in the FOREVER BASKET, for future games, let me know.